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Badmin: Marionette.js & Backbone.js admin panel dashboard

Badmin is a Marionette.js & Backbone.js admin panel dashboard implementation. It uses gulp to build and bootstrap to style.



Install node.js (
$ git clone
$ cd badmin
$ npm install
$ gulp (defaults as gulp watch)
Your browser should navigate to localhost:5000 and point to the badmin/build directory


Build process uses Gulp
App components: Router, User, Address Page (example)
Custom components: Notifier, Service (ajax)
Model/Collection fixtures (in lieu of API). To remove, set useFixtures: false


Not included. Best practice would be to execute a script to verify user auth with your API before index.html loads. If auth fails, redirect the user to a separate login page.

Questions? Comments? Issues? Pull Requests?

E-mail me: :)